1111 Shattuck

I began this project in March of 2008. This project was a renovation of an existing house in the Berkeley hills. The father of one of the clients, Bill Riddle, had completed floor plans and a basic drawing package but was unable to work out the final details, finishes, and on-site coordination. I took over the project in March of 2008. My role included helping with all the finish selections, details, precise layouts for the kitchens, bathrooms, windows, fixtures, etc.

Before we began work, my clients had a two story structure, but only the top level was habitable due to the steep hill under the house. We excavated the hill out behind their existing garage and created a full new lower level. Further, we stripped the Spanish style look from the façade and changed to a very Modern feel.

The synthesis between Architect, Owner, and Contractor on this project was wonderful. We all worked together to achieve a common vision which is rare on a project. The contractor worked hard to hit all the challenging alignments of shelving, cabinets, tile, etc. To get all these alignments right, they had to plan way ahead. In some cases the concrete placement affected the finish materials. They did a terrific job. Also, they had their own in-house cabinet shop to make all the cabinets which turned out beautifully.