Reboot Spa

Having a client trust us to help them open their very first business is a true honor. We had the privilege to help our client, Michael Garrett, open his very first float spa. It was our first float spa too and presented some interesting opportunities and new learning experience.

If you’ve never heard of this before, the float tank is a sensory deprivation tank. The water is at perfect body temperature, has a high salt content so you float, and immerses you so that sight, sound, and touch are removed so you can fully focus your mind.

Michael found a location on Lombard Street in a space that was slightly sub-terranean. Making it feel as spacious, tall, and light filled was our priority. Not only did this first space turn out to be a great success for him, we also helped him with a second location in Oakland, and he recently opened a third location in San Francisco as well! His treatments have expanded to include a cryo treatments; a hot new therapy for athletes like Stephen Curry, a regular at his spas now.