1765 Oak Street

Architects make terrible clients. And, in this case, it was even worse because I was my own client and this is my sanctuary. It’s so easy for me to narrow down the options for my clients, but making decisions on my own project was a bear of a project.

I bought my home in 2008 thanks to the help of a family member. The unit had been tenant occupied for decades. The walls were yellow, and black soot rectangles stood out from the tenants use of the fireplaces without clean dampers. Every room was stuffed to the gills with furniture, making each space feel cramped and crowded. The kitchen and bathroom were terribly dated with horrible vinyl flooring and ugly wallpaper. A rear addition done in the early 1900’s didn’t make any attempt to match the historic trims, moldings, or even window heights/proportions with the remainder of this Victorian beauty.

As we say in the industry, this unit had great bones. Once I narrowed down my plethora of options and had enough money saved up to start renovations, the bathroom, kitchen, and rear bedroom renovations went very smoothly. As a designer, I love to use color. I so rarely get to in my practice, but in my home, I finally had the opportunity to follow my vision. I stayed very true to the historic character of this 1891 Victorian home, matching trim details, moldi