4505 Meats

We were thrilled to work with 4505 Meats on their new barbecue joint. When we first saw this site, it was a long-abandoned building formerly housing “Da-Pit” barbecue and it was an eyesore. After almost 20 years in the practice, we have been in a LOT of buildings and seen some terrifying things, but the interior of this space was the worst we had seen. It was a privilege to be able to take a broken-down building, reeking of rancid grease, and turn it into a hot new BBQ spot. If you’re wondering why it was worth saving, it’s because this is the only building left in the City of SF with a chimney large enough to put a full pig on a spit into. The regulations removing fireplaces in California made this site the ONLY place for 4505 to consider for their first brick and mortar restaurant.

Located on Divisadero and Grove, this has become an INCREDIBLE culinary delight. 4505 Meats has gained a strong following with locals and restaurateurs alike. They are known for their skilled butcher techniques, including steaks and homemade sausages. They’ve had a long standing spot at the Ferry Building Farmers market, and now they have a brick and mortar home where you can eat their mouthwatering barbecue or pick up a slab of marinated ribs to go.