1832 Buchanan Street

If you’ve been in a space for decades, sometimes an update makes sense. That’s the case with this office renovation we did in Japantown. The offices of T. Okamoto & Co. opened its doors back in the late 1960’s. You can imagine how it would look 30 years later. Worn carpet, a chunky conference table, stained ceiling tiles, and a kitchen right smack dab in the middle of reception were in place when we started this project. It was time for an update!

Our client needed a clean update with minimal interruption to their busy office schedules. We provided a full interior update. Our contractor worked tirelessly after hours and over weekends to minimize the impact during their office hours for the duration construction. In their overall construction timeline of 2 months, they had to close their office for less than a week in total.

Our work included a full replacement of the flooring, ceiling tiles, light diffusers, desks, chairs, expansion of the conference room, and installation of a new kitchenette tucked away from the main entrance.

Also, this office had two separate sides which were somewhat disconnected. We removed a wall between the two areas, creating a much needed increase in connectivity and flow.