233 San Carlos

It’s rare for us to get to work on a new construction project. San Francisco can be a very tough place to create a new building. This project includes demolition of a 1-story single family home, and construction of a new 4-story building with 2 units, and plans for a future third unit if the owner opts to eliminate the garage at any point.

This is a very small site. We had to dramatically increase the setback at the rear, but also at the front, so the footprint of our building was reduced substantially from the current home. We love a challenge like this, it forces us to be very creative. By utilizing a higher level of construction type, we were able to maximize the ground floor square footage and create 2 large units for this multi-generational family. We’ve made it through the hurdle of getting Planning approval, and are working to get the remainder of the permit approved. Hopefully we’ll be starting construction soon!