226 27th

Located in the beautiful neighborhood of Noe Valley, we had the opportunity to transform an eyesore into a delight. We love to take something old and make it new again. In this case, it was a 10-unit building, originally built in 1963. With some creative façade improvements and reconfigurations to the units, we were able to rejuvenate this 1960’s neighborhood blemish, and make it into a jewel.

A full renovation of the entire building was required. Due to neglect from a previous owner and their tenants, most of the building had been battered by the elements. Dryrot, water intrusion, and rust had claimed the walls, windows, stucco, railings, roof, and deck.

Additionally, the previous contractor had made a mess of the permits on the property, creating a huge headache with the City of San Francisco. It took countless hours to untangle the mess created by the previous owner, but in the end we succeeded in a full rehabilitation of this structure.

These beautiful 2-bedroom units are now available for sale as Tenancy-in-Common (TIC) units.


  • Contractor:

    • David Lee
      High Tech Construction
      2601 Bartlett Street
      Oakland, CA 94602
      O: 510.536.0411